Our Next Concert is december 8, 2019


What we do

The Ypsilanti Youth Orchestra provides students the opportunity to make music in an atmosphere of creation, motivation, cooperation, and friendship, while developing team-building and communication skills in a safe and supportive setting, and serves more than two hundred youth of diverse backgrounds and socioeconomic status by remaining tuition-free for students and families.

It’s all for the children

Most professional and amateur musicians will tell you that playing in their school orchestra or band was one of the highlights of their youth. Playing in a group dedicated to music creates an atmosphere of warmth, of structure, of challenge, and of creativity. After all, an orchestra is much more than a group of players doing something together. Knowing that each person depends on every other person to do the right thing at the right time, and if they do, something much larger than themselves fills the room and creates magic.

Thank you!

These amazing sponsors have given Generous Financial gifts, Products, Experiences and much more for the Benefit of the YYO!

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